Brief Self-Introduction in English

A brief self-introduction

Gutenberg Institute for World Literature and Written Media/ Indology 

in Mainz focusses on languages and literatures of South Asia. Principal areas of study and research are Hindi and Urdu literature, Buddhism, Sri Lankan art, Sinhalese language and literature, languages of the Hindukush, cross-media interconnectedness of literature and society in South Asia. Indology in Mainz may be studied as a subsidiary subject by students pursuing a bachelor’s degree, and as part of the World Literature Master course.



Two monograph series, both edited by Konrad Meisig, appear from our institute, published by Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden:

Beiträge zur Indologie (Contributions to Indology)
   For a list of published titles, refer to

 • East Asia Intercultural Studies – Interkulturelle Ostasienstudien

The Institute of Indology Mainz cultivates a lively cooperation with Indian universities. We have signed Memoranda of Understanding with the Punjabi University Patiala, the Gurukul Kangri University Haridvar, and several others. Over the years, scholars of our institute have participated in conferences on humanities at many Asian universities, for example in Patiala and Amritsar. Our institute has recently organised a symposium on Utopias from Asia in cooperation with the Visva Bharati University in November 2011 in Santiniketan, see

It is our strong wish to further expand these contacts to Indian and other Asian universities.

Since 1999, the research project Tamil Temples ‒ Traditional and Transcultural explores Tamil Shaiva Hinduism in South India and Sri Lanka with a special focus on Hinduism in migration, concentrating on Tamil temples in Germany, Great Britain, Canada, and Mauritius; see details and a list of publications under: