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Konrad Meisig (ed.): Utopias from Asia. An International and Interdisciplinary Symposium in Santiniketan. On the Occasion of the 150th Birthday Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore. An Asian Impact Activity in memoriam of Momoyo Okura (East Asia Intercultural Studies ‒ Interkulturelle Ostasienstudien, 8). 205 Seiten, 45 Abb., 3 Tafeln, 21 Schaub. geb. Informationen

Konrad Meisig & Marion Meisig: A Buddhist Chinese Glossary -- Buddhistisch-Chinesisches Glossar (East Asia Intercultural Studies -- Interkulturelle Ostasienstudien, 6). CD-ROM. 2012.
The Buddhist Chinese Glossary (BCG) provides 1) a diachronic perspective of Buddhist Chinese texts, giving exact place re­ferences including text quotations in an historical array; it thus permits 2) verifiability; and it makes the lexicographic material avail­able by 3) digital technique. In its present state, the BCG is not yet a dictionary, but a glossary, containing about 4,000 lemmata, prepared from a representative selection of texts focusing on early Hīnayāna sūtras and legends. The BCG is preparatory to a future, more comprehensive dictionary.

Li, Wei
Schwanfrau und Prinz: Die chinesische Frühform einer Divyavadana-Legende (East Asia Intercultural Studies -- Interkulturelle Ostasienstudien, volume: 7)
Paperback, XVIII,  257 Seiten,  6 Abbildung(en)
ISBN: 978-3-447-06637-2